Candidate Statement Virginia Scott

 “Change is the first step towards something better” Andrea Stewart-Cousins

The three principles that are central to my campaign are simple, yet interconnected: affordability, sustainability, and accountability. Each principle addresses the input and observations that I have received from the residents of the community. Recently, I have had the opportunity to volunteer and advocate for our NYS Assembly and Senate campaigns. It was beneficial to meet voters of different political parties and viewpoints who shared their ideas and concerns for our future.

The majority of voters spoke about the burden of high property taxes, lack of affordable housing, and the struggle in general to make ends meet. How do we make our community more affordable? Is this something as a local elected official I can address? I can through evaluating and implementing cost saving measures that reduces the tax burden to our residents and restores fairness and equity to how our properties are assessed.

Our community must be economically and environmentally sustainable. We must implement policies that attract and support local businesses and continue to preserve our natural resources. This must be a collaborative effort and we need to embrace possibilities and reduce the barriers that have impeded meaningful progress. All members of our community must be included in formulating our movement forward since this is our community and our investment for our future.

Accountability is an important component for any meaningful change. It is my responsibility not only to listen to the ideas from our residents but to research and most importantly respond to those individuals or community groups that have taken the time to ask for a voice. It is my promise as your councilwoman to work diligently for you. I consider myself a public servant and, in my experience, I will share that some of our elected officials have lost sight of this.

In closing, I accept the responsibility to advocate and work in the best interest for all of Cornwall. In order for any movement forward we must recognize that this is our community and we are all invested in improving the quality of life for all of its residents.